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Azeri  English     Nakhchivan has made valuable gifts to world world civilization.



    The site presented you is dedicated to one of the actual problems of Azerbaijan archeology, to the study of inscriptions found on the rocks. The site informs us about Gamigaya images’ religious and mythological content. The clerical and mythological looks which have been forming for thousand years constitute the basics of the governance of the ancient societies. After emerging of social inequality and formation state these looks have been serving for the reign of governing classes and for the protection of sociopolitical stability. As the mythological model of the world was the same in all nations, together with benefiting from the world scientists’ experience it has also been counted expedient to study the Gamigaya traceries from the position of mythological world outlook of Azeri Turks.

     Because the influence of Eastern civilization for thousand years has left a deep influence on the folklore and ethnography of Azeri Turks connected with this region. This fact shows itself to a high extend during archeological researches of the monuments.  The resent investigation works carried out in study of Gamigaya monuments are worth to be distinguished. On August 2001 by our ex-president highly esteemed Heydar Aliyev’s special assignment and care it was carried out an investigation and expedition work in Gamigaya in close cooperation of Azerbaijan National Academy of Science and the Institute of Ethnography with a Nakhchivan branch of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and with Nakhchivan State University.

                 Despite all these works, which were carried out we, cannot count the research of this monument be finished. We do hope that this site, which is prepared about Gamigaya from the viewpoint of its historical importance, will be very effective to fill the gaps existing in Azerbaijan electronic space related to this place.  


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